Friday, September 16, 2011

What really happened!?

I never really paid much attention in school. There were to many distractions for me to really be able to pay attention. The biggest thing that I hated the most about school was the way the teachers would adopt there little pets and always give them most of their attention. Even if I struggled in class, I would have to compete to get the help that I needed. It was a struggle that I did not like. So, I usually didn't care much for school.
And since I did't do very well in school, I figured I would have a hard time getting good grades in college. Even though it was a community college, I was still very nervous. Just the thought of being able to digest all that information that I was going to need to graduate was overwhelming to me. But, what really happened was surprising and very invigorating. I started out my college career with A's in every class. I was happy and proud of myself. I figured from that moment on that I would work as hard as I could to get as many A's as I can. This would prove to be a problem for me in later events, but for now I was on cloud nine.