Thursday, September 15, 2011

The other class:

Computer class was a great class for me to start in since I was already interested in computers. I started working on computers a while back when I was around 24 or 25. I realized that I was way behind the times in technology and I wanted a computer, but I just did not have the money to buy one. I messed around with computers before, but not very much and so I was somewhat computer illiterate.
I did have a few extra dollars, so I invested in some hardware. I bought the essentials of a computer that I read about in computer manual I owned. I bought older computer parts because they were the cheapest and I didn't have to take much of a loss. I worked hard at trying to put this thing together and finally I got the thing to turn on a few days later. Within a week I was online learning about computers and how to put them together. I was lucky with that computers because the drivers were already on there without me having to download them. A driver is a program that helps the main part of the computer operate another separate parts.
After that, it was all internet work coupled with trial and error to put computers together. I began to sell them to make more money, so I could get better parts. After about a year, I finally had the computer that I wanted and stopped making them. I had finally reached my goal.
Well, after that explanation you probably would not be surprised to hear that I wanted to go into computer repair. So, the next class I took was Electronic Analysis, which was a class that you needed to get a certification in computer diagnostics and repair. The only problem with this was that after a couple semesters I started to realize, with other peoples help, the computer repair business was going to get more and more competitive and so I would have a harder time getting a job. Humm, what should I do? I will try to answer that questing in my next few blogs.

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