Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What to do?

It all began sitting at my house looking at a few things on the Internet. Doesn't everything seem to start from the Internet nowadays? Anyways, I found that there was help out there for people who would like to go back to school and get a degree. I figured that I would go ahead and do just that. It was a decision that was somewhat easy to make since I wanted more out of my life then what I had at the moment.
I will not go through all of the gruesome details of my current situation of that moment, but I will tell you that construction was the only thing that I was able to do, and that was not my best choice anymore. I didn't like the attitudes that construction workers carried. I also didn't like that there was a lot of drugs that went along with this field. I was trying to go straight. College was about the only choice left for me.
I got a hold of a place called Vocational Rehabilitation, and they sent me through various tests that showed that I could obtain a degree in school if I wanted. I did. My VR counselor said that I could go to any college that I wanted, and I figured I would start out small and attend OTC in Springfield, MO. This was a great choice and I was very happy there.
In the following blogs I will try to show you the papers I created for various classes, and maybe explain to you what I was thinking and why I chose to select that particular subject. In this way I will try to also insert some information about my attitude with college at these times as well. I have a lot of papers to pass on to you and I am going to allow you to experience my college experience through my college work.

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