Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Reality of School

I began school not realizing what was really going on there. I figured that I would not make very good grades because of the grades I made in high school. It was interesting to go somewhere where the majority of people were much younger then I was too. I thought that I was going to find all of these young intelligent minds that were going to blow my old mind away. In hindsight this was a very self-demeaning attitude. I was not around a lot of people up to that point and my view of people and life changed dramatically since then.
Among my first classes were speech and computer class, which taught me a lot. Basically, speech helped me to find the reality of being able to exist in front of other people. I hoped that it would help me to get over my shyness of being around other people, and help me to be more social. In a sense it did, but very little. Over time I have become less shy by utilizing some techniques that speech class taught me, but ultimately education had the greater impact in that area of my life. The point here is that I started school as a bumbling introvert and defeatist. I had very little support and encouragement, but I still went to school and did the best that I could.

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